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How to score 150+ in CDS Exam?

The “Combined Defence Services” (CDS) examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for recruitment into the Indian Military Academy(IMA), Indian Naval Academy(INA), Indian Air Force Academy(IAF) and Officers Training Academy(OTA). All the students those are preparing for the CDS exam and don’t know what to study? Or how to study? Then do not worry because you have arrived at the correct platform. Here we will guide you towards your goal i.e. to crack this CDS exam and complete your dream to serve our nation.

In this article we are going to discuss a strong strategy for upcoming CDS exam as well as this article will surely guide you to score 150 and above in this exam.

Let us first look at the syllabus of CDS exam which is as follows:

  • For candidates of IMA, INA & AFA:










2 Hours


General Knowledge



2 Hours


Elementary Mathematics



2 Hours





As we have seen that the exam is comprised of total three papers with 300 marks but our goal is to achieve a minimum of 150 in this examination. But how you will achieve that? Here are some tips which will help you to reach that target. For that we will analyze each subject and its important topics.

1. English:

You must be wondering how English can be the most scoring subject in the Defence exam. But let me tell you, this subject can help you to get 60-70 marks easily if prepared well. Here is the representation of important topics in this paper:

As we have seen in the above chart, the topics such as ‘Reading comprehension’, ‘ordering of sentences’ and ‘spotting errors’ have higher weightage of marks since maximum questions are asked from them. Therefore try to practice and attempt maximum number of questions from these topics. Later on you can focus on topics such as cloze test, antonyms and idioms and phrases. Remember rather than mugging up it is always better to solve maximum number of questions. For that you can refer our website

2. General Awareness:

This paper covers Geography, History, Economics, Polity, Science and Current Affairs. You can easily secure 50-60 marks in this subject. So let us see the exam analysis of each subject in detail based on previous years question papers which is as follows:

A. Current Affairs: It is the most important topic when it comes to General Awareness. Maximum amount of questions related to National and International events, Defence & Secuirty, Science & Technology, Sports, Appointments etc. are frequently asked. For latest Current Affair updates you can read the monthly as well as weekly articles here:

B. Science: This paper is divided into physics, chemistry and biology which can be one more factor to secure good marks in this exam. The questions asked in this topic are mostly concept based or by simple mathematical calculations and theorems.

C. History: From this subject most of the factual questions are asked. History is further divided into four modules which are Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History and World History. From these modules also Medieval History and Modern History has the maximum weightage. Hence it is required to note the important events in the modules and practice the questions. For that you can practice a short quiz here:

D. Geography: Similar to History questions asked in Geography are also factual.

E. Polity: Polity is a form or process of civil government or constitution. Hence this subject enhances your knowledge not only for this exam but almost for all the competitive exams in India. Under this subject several topics such as Salient Features of the Constitution, Fundamental Rights, and Emergency Provisions, Parliament, President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Judiciary System and Election Commission etc. carries higher weightage.

3. Mathematics

The level of questions in this exam for Maths ranges from medium to difficult. Most of the students find Maths as a difficult subject but trust me by using short tricks and techniques or simply by applying formulas you can score 50-60 out of 100 in this exam.

As you can see in the above figure the maximum weightage assign to the topic is algebra, Arithmetic Aptitude and Geometry. Along with that Mensuration and Trigonometry plays a small role to push up your score. By practicing maximum questions and understanding the short tricks you can easily solve mathematical questions. Prefer online video sessions for practicing the questions.

For that you can refer to our YouTube Channel: By using these simple strategy you can easily score 150 and above in the upcoming CDS exam.

All the Best!

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