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Syllabus of AFCAT - 1 - 2020 and AFCAT - 2 - 2020 Exam

Exam Pattern:

  Mode of Exam


  No. of Questions


  Marks for every Correct answer


  Marks Deducted for incorrect answer


  Marks for not attempted Question


  Duration of the Exam

2 hours









Difficulty Level of AFCAT Exam:

As per the Previous Five Years Paper the difficulty Level of of question paper is Moderate.

Subjects of AFCAT Exam:

a. Reading Comprehension:


In good many cases unnecessary timidity makes the trouble worse than it needs to be. Public opinion is always more tyrannical towards those who obviously fear it than towards those who fell indifferent to it. A dog will bark more loudly and bite more easily when people are afraid of it than when they treat him with contempt, and the human herd has something of this same characteristic. If you show that you are afraid of them, you give promise of good hunting, whereas if you show indifference, they begin to doubt their own power and, therefore, tend to let you alone.

Q. If we are afraid of public opinion, the attitude of the people towards us is

A. sympathetic                 

B. indifferent

C. admiration                 

D. ruthless

b. Cloze Test:


This cultural form _______

Q. (a) originating from Japan has a name
     (b) originates
     (c) originated
     (d) organizing

Which means ‘whimsical or impromptu pictures’.

c. Synonyms and Antonyms:


Find Synonyms of Word Underlined in following sentence:

He felt desolated after he lost his business.

A. deserted                   

B. joyful

C. strong                     

D. annoyed

d. Spotting Errors:


Directions: Each item in this section has a sentence with three underlined parts labeled (a), (b) and (c). Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in any underlined part and indicate your response on the Answer Sheet against the corresponding letter i.e., (a), (b), (c). If you find no error, your response should be indicated as (d).

Q. A: The letter has been written;     

B: I insist on     

C: it being sent at once.         

D: No error

e. Idioms and Phrase:


Directions: Given below are some idioms/phrases followed by four alternative meanings to each. Choose the response (a), (b), (c) or (d) which is the most appropriate expression.

Q. He makes decision on the fly.
A. He decides quickly without any seriousness.
B. He decides with all seriousness.
C. He decides nonchalantly
D. He is unwilling to decide.

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